Coming Soon.

Here are some upcoming products to be excited for!

Double Whipped Vanilla Moon Butter

Coming soon from Atma. This new formulation of Moon Butter with Amazonite is just as moisturizing as the original, but it’s softer, fluffier and absorbs into the skin faster.

You’ll love the way it glides on and leaves you skin feeling super moisturised and soft.

Themed Boxes

We come up with ideas for new boxes all the time. Here are some of our upcoming creations you can look forward to:

  • Beaux Teacher’s Box
  • Beaux Eco Box
  • Beaux Detox Box
  • Beaux Bark Box
  • Beaux Meow Box
  • Beaux Maryjane Box
  • Beaux Home Box
  • Beaux Art Box

In the meantime…

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