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August's Spotlight

Every month we pick a new vendor to feature throughout the site!

Atma Things

Jessie Arora is a holistic tarot reader and the creator and founder of; a line of luxurious self-care products that have been activated with crystals and energized by the moon. In all my learnings I found an incredible importance in the moon, crystals, plant life, and sound vibration.
I wanted to create products that acted like catalysts inwards while using the energy of all these natural healing elements. In 2016 Atma Things was born. A luxurious self-care product line that harnesses the energy and the power to inspire self-love and healing.

At Beaux Box we endorse and recommend Atma Things products based on consistent product reviews and customer satisfaction. Jessie has a gift for blending scents which never fail to produce an emotional response from our customers.

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