Do you know someone who is an eco-warrior or just loves being a greenie?

This boxes checks off all the marks and is all natural, organic and re-useable in every way.

It feels good to recycle, re-purpose and reduce our carbon footprint in the world and it sets a great example for others. Maybe there is someone who really is trying to live environmentally friendly ways but needs some suggested products to help them get started.

Our sustainably forest wooden box offers a unique way to store stuff.

Here is what comes in the Eco box:

  • Warsh Cloth
  • Tea Tree Soap
  • Pine Soap Dish
  • Sisal Soap Pouch
  • Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Silicone storage Pouch
  • Bamboo Cleaning Cloth
  • Re-useable Net Shopping Bag

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