Enjoy life’s little luxuries with this Spa Box for baby!

A little luxury for him to make him feel special and valued.
He will appreciate the unique and finely curated products just for him.

Head to toe body wash for baby that has no artificial fragrances, colours or additives? Yes! We start with a gentle, 100% natural vegetable soap base, then add glycerin, sweet almond oil and baby-safe essential oils for a touch of freshness. Beautiful creamy lather that gets you completely clean yet won’t dry out delicate skin – no matter what your age. It’s the perfect natural alternative to the “big-bubble” lather from common baby brands that, unfortunately, contain a lot of very toxic ingredients that you probably don’t want on your baby.

Try Baby Bunting instead of a liquid baby wash. Whether you use a washcloth, your hands, or rub it directly on wet skin, this detergent-free creamy soap is very easy on baby’s delicate skin. Moms and babies alike will love the neutral soapy fragrance of this all-natural soap, thanks to the NOW brand Peace & Harmony essential oil blend. If you are concerned with using detergents on baby’s clothes, you can also use Baby Bunting as a baby laundry soap.

About this soap:

  • Cleanses without stripping
  • pH neutral
  • No animal oils
  • Leaves no soapy film behind
  • Produces luxurious lather
  • Biodegradable
  • Contains no SLS
  • Contains Fragrance Oil

Regular baby oil is usually made of mineral oil, a petroleum product that sits on the skin and forms a barrier but doesn’t actually add any moisture whatsoever to baby’s delicate skin. When moisture is needed, instead of reaching for the lotion bottle or artificial oils, use Baby Love – the nourishing, skin-penetrating baby oil that heals and protects baby skin while the gentle massage of your touch sends loving energy into his body. You can also use this as a perfect sensitive skin massage oil or moisturizer at any age, why not? Hypoallergenic, soothing, and just a few drops will do!

If you use cloth diapers and would rather avoid the fishy smell in most of the common commercially available diaper creams, protect baby’s bottom with this healing cream which absorbs into baby’s skill to soothe chafed bottoms and make diaper rash disappear. Here’s how it works: Coconut oil infused with soothing, rash-curing, baby-friendly plants like myrrh and cucumber peel is blended with shea butter, zinc oxide and kaolin clay for its moisture absorbent qualities. The result is whipped into a rich, thick cream which melts into baby bums. A little dab goes a long way! Top off with a thicker natural ointment if an extra barrier is desired, knowing the healing ingredients are penetrating first and doing their work.

Talc is toxic to babies even if it’s unscented, and while certainly natural, pure cornstarch can create an unpleasant “pee paste” in diapers. Keep baby’s bum soft, dry and soothed with this all-natural, non toxic alternative to conventional powder…or shake it on yourself wherever dryness and freshness are desired. Baking soda balances pH and chamomile flowers soothe, while a touch of rose clay helps dry out rashes.

Note: Arrowroot is still a starch, though gentler than cornstarch, and as such, should not be used on a yeast-based bum rash! If you suspect yeast, don’t use cornstarch either – ask your doctor for a medicated cream.


The fabulous and best-selling WARSH Cloth™ is made of advanced thinner-than-hair fibers. Just add water to create a unique hydro process to cleanse, exfoliate and rejuvenate. Release the surface bond that adheres make-up, dirt, and grime to the skin and wash it all away. The WARSH Cloth™ doesn’t harm your natural acid balance to protect against invasive bacteria and the drying effect of soaps. Try it and you’ll never want to switch.

Two 7gram sachets of our organic natural lavender sachets good for your car, home or even under a pillow to aid sleeplessness. For baby’s room we recommend to hang your lavender sachet near the crib to aid with fussy babies.

Handmade Wooden Blocks for your little ones that truly give back. Thoughtful, culturally diverse toys that empower and employ disabled refugees.


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